We created Grants Works Academy so you can access live and on-demand federal grant training about grants, including government grants. On the Grants Works Academy website you’ll find training on how to become grant ready, find mission-aligned grant funding, and how to manage grants.


free federal grant training webinar

This six-week hybrid training offers both on-demand training and live classes with Grants Works’ CEO. The six module titles are: (1) Federal Grants Overview, (2) Pre-Award Success, (3) Mastering the Application Process, (4) Congratulations! You’re Awarded, Now What?, (5) Post-Award Success, and (6) Compliance Is Not A Choice. Live classes start in January, April, July and October but the on-demand training is available year-round. Access the on demand training here.

Did you know that passthrough entities are required to provide direct oversight of each subawardee? As a passthrough entity, your responsibilities extend beyond managing the project, budgetary oversight, award compliance, and reporting requirements. This 50-minute training instantly demystifies your organization’s role as a passthrough entity and includes guidance on how to build a compliant subaward. Instantly access the training here.

Full participation in Federal Grants Simplified Bootcamp is applicable for nine (9) points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification. 

Is your organization grant ready? If not, let’s eliminate the confusion and uncover exactly what steps you need to take to become grant ready. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, this one-hour training will arm you with a custom toolkit so the organization can become grant ready. Click to get started. 

We will teach you how to find local, state and federal government grants that are well-aligned with the organization or company’s programs, projects and services. You get the core training and three (3) bonus sessions, and The ULTIMATE Grant Wordbook. Find out more here.

Subscribe and get instant access to a complete library of resources for a full year! You’ll be able to the following training: (1) Federal Grants Simplified Bootcamp (on-demand training), (2) Let’s Get Grant Ready, (3) Shortcut to Finding Government Grants, and much more. Learn more and subscribe here.