Demystifying Federal Grants

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Demystifying federal grants: Understand federal grants from application to closeout, learn how to efficiently manage federal grants, and worry less about noncompliance and losing funding

During this six-week, instructor-led class, you will learn how to efficiently manage federal grants so you can maintain eligibility for additional funding and avoid findings. Registration includes a one-hour, 1:1 post-webinar consultation.

Our team has expertise in each area of the grant lifecycle and we understand the nuances of grant management as a recipient, a subrecipient, a pass-through entity, and from the federal agency’s perspective.

This course is for you if…

I don’t know where to start

You will receive live, step-by-step video lessons, tutorials, and a breakdown of our ASTACC method to know exactly how to find and apply for the federal funding sources that are the best fit for your organization’s programs and services and, if awarded, learn to efficiently manage the grant. 

Finding federal grants take too much time

You will get pro tips on how to automate getting the most relevant federal funding opportunities to save you time. You will also create an accountability chain when you are ready to apply and have a plan if funded.

Federal grants are tedious

You will use our ASTACC method to build an application and management plan so you will confidently lead your organization’s pre- and post-award processes to focus more on the community you serve and identify and engage additional donors.

We are fine as-is

Your organization’s grant management plan will allow you additional time to write data-rich and engaging program reports and highlight your organization’s progress on meeting funding objectives. It will also lead to financial status reports that reflect reported program activities without over- or underspend.

Federal grants are frustrating

Shift from being frustrated with a federal grant application or detailed deliverables to being confident using the ASTACC method to collaborate, be proactive, and comply.

What will I learn?

The modules are designed so you will learn to:

  1. Develop an application schedule and plan
  2. Reduce the chances of missing important details
  3. Set priorities early in the application process
  4. Activate a grants compliance plan
  5. Regularly monitor grant budgets to avoid unallowable expenses or over- or underspend
  6. Use Uniform Guidance, agency-specific regulations, and the award document to stay ahead of compliance requirements
  7. Cite various federal resources to support compliance advocacy
  8. Develop a final reporting, closeout, and record retention plan

Still not sure? How is this different?

The Demystifying Federal Grants Bootcamp is different because it is being taught by a grants management professional who managed government grants for small and large nonprofits and a large research university, and oversaw grants as a federal employee.

Unlike others that teach classes on federal grants who have clients that have federal grants, our team has expertise in each area of the grant lifecycle and understand the nuances of grant management as a recipient and a subrecipient. We also have experience with solicitation analyses, grant writing and application management, complex application budgets, post-award compliance, subrecipient monitoring, organizational policy development, budgetary oversight, reporting, audit preparedness, site visits, and closeout.

Simply put, the course instructor understands federal grants management and her experience as a federal employee who reviewed the technical aspects of grantees’ progress reports enhances that perspective.

About the instructor

The course instructor managed grants from numerous local, state, and federal agencies including CDC, NPS, HUD, DOJ, CNCS, Georgia DCA, Fulton County (GA), DeKalb County (GA), City of Atlanta, and others.

In those 13 years, she created solicitation-specific grant application plans, devised application and modification budgets, submitted numerous grant applications in various portals, composed data-dense, multi-page program reports, established compliance plans, oversaw subrecipient compliance and grant-funded procurement procedures, created or modified numerous organizational procedures to align with federal requirements, regularly researched and cited federal regulations and guidance documents, and advocated for adherence to the terms of the award and federal guidance.

When is the next six-week session?

The next six-week session starts February 15, 2022. All classes are 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM EST. The class will be held at the same time consistently for six weeks.

I’m interested, what do I do next?

You can easily register here. When you register, you will receive a full outline of the course objectives, online access information, and our Federal Grants Readiness Documents Checklist. If you have more questions about the course, feel free to contact us.