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Current and Past Clients

Patrice Davis, Grants Works Founder | 2022 National Disability Rights Network Fiscal Management Conference

About Us

Grants Works is your grant consulting partner. Our mission is to help organizations, businesses, and municipalities successfully acquire, manage, and comply with government and private sector grants that positively impact people and communities. 


Grants Works was founded by Patrice Davis, a federal grant management professional with 15+ years of federal and other government grant management and training experience.  We have managed federal grants as a recipient, subrecipient, and pass-through entity. We have also managed grants from 18 federal, state and local agencies and was selected to create a federally-funded federal grant management training series currently rated 4.5/5 stars by over 200 participants.

Why Choose a VIP Day?

Immediate Transformation

We take a deep dive into the challenges you're facing and provide same-day solutions.

Time Compression

We devote a full day to getting the exact answers and solutions you need--faster

Focused Support

We structure the day to hone in on your needs to deliver customized solutions

Accelerated Results

We tackle that stalled grant-related challenge head on

Our Services

In just one day, let us provide one of the following:

Grant Research Report

A comprehensive grant research report so you know exactly what mission-aligned public and private funding opportunities exist for your company or organization

Federal grant Application Support

A detailed federal grant application project plan and the added clarity so your team can submit that federal grant application by deadline


Federal Grant Compliance Assessment

A written assessment of your federal grant management processes and a detailed plan based on federal requirements

customized Federal Grant Management Training

Enhanced federal grant management capacity for your team

Client Testimonials

"Appreciate your support in building a training program and ensuring our needs were met throughout the project!"
Melissa Bennett, CDC Foundation
"Thank you so much for all your support, it was invaluable! :)"
Joanne Kelly, Quincy Asian Resources Inc.

How Does it Work?

It all starts by first completing a brief questionnaire. You’ll then be able to immediately schedule a strategy meeting to discuss your goals. 

About Us

Grants Works is a grant consulting firm. We are federal grant specialists.

We partner with organizations, businesses, and municipalities to identify grants, prepare applications, evaluate and identify compliance gaps, provide offsite grant management, training, and more.


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